Quick Start

Edita requires Node.js (tested on version 16.16.0).

Once you have Node, clone the release repo and then run it from a terminal:

git clone edita
cd edita
npm install
npm run build
npm start



You can use install/linux/ and or create desktop entries manually.


Follow the prompts.


TODO. If you get something working feel free to email me and I will include it here. If you include code please make it available under the MIT license. It should create a desktop shortcut and register with the “Open with…” functionality. It should not involve code signing or app stores as one of Edita’s aims is to give the user complete control over their installation (and to keep things simple for myself).

License & Funding

Edita is free and source-available. The code is currently “all rights reserved” while I figure out a sustainable funding model. You can support the project on buymeacoffee and Patreon.